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Madagascar, a geographically diverse island country
  Madagascar, a geographically diverse island country
  Madagascar, a geographically diverse island country

Madagascar is an Eden-like garden of riches, filled with a diversity of life and geography unequaled anywhere else on Earth. Of the approximately fifty officially protected areas, only a handful are usually proposed on typical itineraries because of the various logistical problems with access and accommodations, and because including these outstanding – if somewhat remote – locations requires an intimate knowledge of the infrastructure and a capable organization on site which can muster the resources that are necessary to build the itinerary of your dreams.

  Go ahead and try us, put our 25-year-old passion for (and expertise in) Madagascar to work for you and let us help you discover beautiful Madagascar at its most authentic!

Looking for an absolutely unique honeymoon, with unforgettable wonders of nature that can only be experienced in Madagascar? Download our sample honeymoon package brochure (3 Mb), featuring two weeks at some of the finest hotels and lodges (and beaches) in the country - or ask us to design an itinerary that suits your whims!

Download the electronic brochure for our "Highlights" and "Discovery" guided expeditions (5.4 Mb), featuring some of the "musts" for any first visit to Madagascar.

... and if you would like to take a virtual tour around the protected areas of the island, try our clickable map, with clickable images highlighting the different parks and reserves. The accessible parks each feature a summary describing the main attractions in the local fauna and flora. Several areas are displayed on the map but are not clickable: most of these areas are not accessible to the general public at the moment.

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