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Air Madagascar - airline flight schedules


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This page provides international flight information for Air France, Air Madagascar and Air Mauritius. To request a quote, visit our Airline Contact Information page. Please read the Notes below the flight descriptions for additional information regarding air fares.

Air France

Air France maintains daily flights from major U.S. gateways to Paris (code share and Frequent Flyer credit with Delta and other "Sky Team" carriers) connecting to a Paris-Antananarivo flight that operates three times a week (down to twice in the off-season). The flight leaves Paris in mid-morning, allowing short connecting times for passengers arriving from the US East Coast -- though passengers from the West Coast need to spend at least one night in Paris. The return flight leaves Antananarivo a little past midnight, and arrives in Paris around 10am for convenient onward connections to the US. Air France has been using a high-density aircraft for this flight, with a very small business-class cabin, and rather cramped economy-class cabins in which they squeeze 10 seats per row (where just about every other airline has only 9 seats per row): the economy-class section ends up having very narrow aisles and seats that are 17 inches wide instead of the more usual 18", and the very cramped fit on this 10+hours flight will be noticed by passengers whose hips are not very slender or whose shoulders are on the wide side -- and on a full flight, the chance of ending up in a middle seat is 1 in 3. One redeeming feature is the in-seat video, though it is not on-demand (rather, the channels cycle through the various programs on offer). The aircraft also has a small "Alizé" cabin between business and economy, akin to economy-plus on United Airlines, with the classic 18"-wide 9-abreast economy-class seats but with about 36 inches between rows (instead of the usual 32" row spacing).
Specials are offered all year-round. Visit our Airline Contact Information page to request more information or a quote, or to check on specific flight dates and times.

Air Madagascar

In addition to its three weekly non-stop flights between Paris and Antananarivo operated with Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, Air Madagascar provides regional flights between Antananarivo and Mauritius, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Reunion Island, Dzaoudzi (on the island of Mayotte) and Moroni (on the Grande Comore island), as well as domestic flights within Madagascar. The airline also has two flights per week between Antananarivo and Bangkok and Guangzhou in southern China. Both Boeing 767 aircraft operated by the airline have a business-class cabin with the older-generation reclining "cradle" seats (not fully flat) that are still plenty comfortable, and the entertainment consists of portable video players handed out by the flight attendants. The service, meals, and cocktails-wines-and-liqueurs are comparable to what you would expect on an international flight operated by any of the major US airlines, with Malagasy accents throughout. Economy-class seating is comparable to what is offered by the legacy US airlines, with a 1-in-7 chance of ending up in a middle seat even on a full flight, though there are no individual video screens in economy -- make sure to bring your entertainment with you.
Visit our Airline Contact Information page to request more information or a quote, or to reconfirm flight dates and times.

Air Mauritius
Air Mauritius maintains daily flights from major European gateways including London and Paris via Mauritius to Madagascar. Stopovers in Europe and Mauritius are allowed at no extra cost. Specials are offered all year-round. Visit our Airline Contact Information page to request more information or a quote, or for flight dates and times.

Notes about Air Fares:

  1. Air fares vary enormously according to the season, the duration of the trip and the availability in the airlines' inventory at the time the reservation is confirmed. In addition, air fares are directional, meaning that a Paris-to-Tana flight is not necessarily the same price as Tana-to-Paris.
  2. In order to have an exact quote, we must have your precise departure and return dates, your name and your telephone contact in the U.S., Canada or Madagascar only: please send quote or reservation requests using our Quote Request Form.
  3. A quote is just that, it is not firm until such time as the reservation is confirmed with names of passengers and a ticketing deadline.
  4. We hope that the information above will be helpful in planning your visit to Madagascar, and ask you to keep in mind that airfares can change up to the time the ticket is issued. In addition, schedules can change at any time at all, so it is important to confirm your flight departure time the day before you are scheduled to fly by checking with the airline directly, either by telephone or through the airline's web site.

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