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Real Experiences - Testimonials From Madagascar Travelers
"Madagascar is a long way from the United States, but such is the price of magic."
Steven Kotler
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Real Experiences - Testimonials from Madagascar Travellers

We at Cortez USA strive to make your visit to Madagascar as pleasurable and memorable as possible. We obviously succeed, based on the comments we receive in letters and postcards from individuals and from groups. Our Cortez guides are highly qualified and personable, and get high marks for their professionalism. Also be sure to read some of our favorite quotes about Madagascar.

Excerpts from letters from our clients:

I just want to thank you so much for the first rate job you did in getting us to our Indian Ocean destinations. It was an outstanding trip, filled with wonderful surprises and the unexpected...
      D.C., New York

Words can't convey how incredible our trip was...we were constantly shocked at how well organized everything was. I mean I trusted Cortez, but still it was Madagascar and we kept waiting for someone to not be at the airport or some hotel to not be right...but time and again things were perfect.
      R.R., New Hampshire

Belated thanks for the good arrangements you made for my trip to Madagascar, Spain and was the most comfortable trip to Madagascar I've had yet...
      H.V., Washington, DC

Cortez is clearly the best game in town in Madagascar and well-respected by providers. I always felt is was an asset to be with Cortez. And I feel we probably got the best guides and services...yes, there were a few screw-ups – although far fewer than one expects in a place like Madagascar.
      K.S. Photography, Seattle

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the hard work and patience (by) CORTEZ with regard to the numerous and always changing travel requests, travel services, and ticketing requests of the U.S. Embassy employees.
      T.P., General Services Officer, Embassy of USA, Madagascar

At last a note...everything was excellent...thanks for all your advice, it was right on.
      Ann and Randy, Boston

Madagascar postcard From our many postcards:

Thank you for a wonderful vacation. I am amazed how quickly you were able to arrange such a perfect trip.
      K.K., Paterson, NJ

Thank you so much for all of the work you did in organizing our Earthwatch pretrip – I'm looking forward to experiencing this extra bit of Madagascar.
      B.McC., Los Angeles

Thank you so very much for your time, efforts, patience and understanding...(my son) arrived safely and was met by UNICEF.
      A.F., Boston

I went on an Earthwatch expedition...and am sending this card in appreciation of all your help with the flights and visas. I very much enjoyed the people and the island, it's an experience I won't forget.
      D.S., Maryland

We head for home tomorrow. Services provided by Cortez here were superb.

Salama tompoko! Greetings from Ranomafana National Park. I'm having a great time chasing lemurs in the forest. Thank you so much for helping me to get here.
      C.T., New York

Incredible wildlife, shame about the architecture.
(note: all buildings are faded and run down due to lack of money for repairs and maintenance)

This country is truly amazing...all has gone very well with a few mess-ups – but that is to be expected here...Berenty was wonderful.
      T.F., Boston


Plant specialist: we were very happy with your arrangements: the driver was pleasant at all times and did a marvelous job of driving, and the vehicle was first-rate. On the whole we were pleased with the hotels...good food and rooms with a marvelous view of the scenery and plants.
      M.K., Azusa, CA

Lifelong Learning Inc.: ...(we) very much enjoyed meeting with you last week...and were very impressed with you and your Madagascar operations.
      B.D., Orange County

Global '97: ...I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the invaluable help that you provided for (our) expedition to Madagascar...from the beginning it was your expertise that guided us (through) the idiosyncrasies of getting about in Madagascar.
      T.T., Paravision

Madagascar postcardCortez Guides:

The tour in Madagascar was a joy and our (Cortez Expeditions) guide, Voahangy, was the most knowledgeable, pleasant, patient and accommodating guide we have ever had. We wanted to stop for a week in Egypt on the way home and Cortez arranged all the flights...We highly recommend Madagascar and Cortez Travel.
      E. and S., Las Cruces, NM

In all my years of international travel, a guide, Guy is one of, if not the best guide that I have had the experience with which to be. As a guide he is extremely knowledgeable about the country, wildlife, people, environ, socio-political climate and things in general. As a person (he) was always courteous and congenial, caring and patient, resourceful and most helpful.
      C.Q., Connecticut

We had a wonderful trip...due largely to your own efforts in planning and particularly to the efforts of Roland, our local guide. We have made perhaps 30 trips abroad and have used many guide services...Roland is the best of them all. Madagascar has so many unique features, it is a traveler's dream.
      C.R., San Diego

Favorite Quotes:

Quoted from one of our colleaques familiar with travel in Madagascar:

"Madagascar (is ideal for) those adventurous souls that would have participated in Earthwatch-like programs. It is not an African safari, luxury outing. People should be outdoor oriented and fit! Hiking and camping interests should be in their makeup as both are required. Travelers should be flexible and be prepared to travel light. If not, the real Madagascar isn't for them and they'll be miserable."

Quoted from Cortez USA brochure:

"A forgotten land as far as tourism is concerned, Madagascar is not for everyone. Changes, delays, and occasional chaos are all part of traveling in Madagascar so potential travelers should be well qualified and thoroughly briefed to avoid unhappy experiences for all concerned."

Quoted from Hilary Bradt's book "Guide to Madagascar":

"Madagascar's shortcomings can be maddening. Sometimes a little reflection reveals the reasons behind the failure to produce the expected service, but sometimes you just have to tell yourself 'Well, that's the way it is'. After all, you are not going to be able to change Madagascar, but Madagascar may change you."

From Focus on Women by Alison Gardner:

"I recommend a prioritized itinerary with a companionable Malagasy guide... you can rest assured that he or she will do all humanly possible to head off problems while you eat, sleep and gawk your way through an amazing array of experiences – especially if it becomes necessary to switch to Plan B or C on very short notice."

From TravelAge West by Christine Eichin (Above and Beyond Travel, San Jose):

Madagascar's "remote location and low global profile redefine the term 'off the beaten path'. But the island's hit-or-miss tourist amenities can actually be a selling point for hardier, adventure-oriented clients."

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