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Madagascar Travel Planner
Madagascar Package Tours - Request A Quote


Our Independent Madagascar itineraries are operated year-round. The costs vary
according to the month of travel, the number of passengers in the party, whether or not a Cortez USA English-speaking escort is included, and if international air transportation is requested.

For a no-obligation price quote, check the selected tour below, complete in full the form which follows and click on "Submit".

Madagascar Explorer - The Ultimate - 28 days around the island.
Madagascar Discovery - 16 days to the main parks and reserves
The "Musts" of Madagascar - 11 days sampling the highlights of the protected areas
Highlands and Rain Forest - 7 days
The East: The Great Rain Forest Experience - 7 days
Spiny Desert and Rain Forest - 7 days
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     No, I will arrive in Antananarivo from on
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 4. Number of passengers in party:
 5. Passenger Last Names / First Names: (as on passport)
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Check here if you wish to receive our brochure (USA/Canada only)
We thank you for your interest and will reply promptly with a quote. However, due to the volume of inquiries we will only be able to answer fully completed forms.


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