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Traveling To Madagascar - When To Go


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Madagascar Travel Planner
Traveling To Madagascar - When To Go

Any time is a good time to visit Madagascar, depending on your interests:

Photo Safari: Madagascar is a photographers paradise and is beautiful year-round, however, we particularly like the months of April and May after the rains when everything is lush and green.

Lemurs: September and October when the new babies are born.

Colorful chameleon - one of many Madagascar's exotic reptiles and amphibiansReptiles and Amphibians: present year-round but best during rainy season January through March.

Birders will choose September to December, the breeding season, which is the most suitable time to locate them as they are more vocal, but visits before and after this period have also proved to be good, especially in the south and the west.

Sun, sand, snorkeling, diving and fishing: year-round.

Whale-watching: July through September in the Bay of Antongil.

The current weather in Antananarivo, Madagascar is:

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